As messages go, “queer people are just like you” isn’t the worst. But it’s also not exactly true.

Conservatives want you to be scared of something called “Cancel Culture.” Is it even a thing?

To be single and okay, you first have to reject the pervasive story that coupledom is the only happy ending.

Should Hollywood cast gay roles with only gay actors? The debate rages on.

Royalists worry that the Netflix juggernaut THE CROWN is bad for their business. They’re absolutely right.

Maybe a merry little Christmas is the best kind.

If you can barely remember the “scandal” that nearly broke Randy Rainbow’s career, you’re not alone. But a good and effective apology is worth examining.

Sometimes laughter is the best activism.

Netflix will soon release the latest film version of THE BOYS IN THE BAND. First a play, then a film, then a Tony-winning revival, and soon streaming into living rooms across America, it’s a complicated tale.

Eric Peterson

(he/him) I’m a funny, serious, outgoing, introspective, #diversity & #inclusion practitioner. Finished my first novel.

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