It’s National Coming Out Day.

Eric Peterson
1 min readOct 11, 2020

Friends, I have something to tell you. I’m GAY.

It’s #NationalComingOutDay, and even though I describe myself as having been out for a quarter century, coming out is something you don’t do just once. It’s a process that repeats, over and over again.

Once your family knows, once your work colleagues know, it gets a bit easier — but there’s always a stranger you just met, a moment of questioning, a decision to favor their comfort or your authenticity, and, still — the opportunity to be minimized, disrespected, or violently attacked.

To my beloved LGBTQ+ community, you have my heart. Deep down, most of us know how lucky we are to belong to each other. To my straight allies, you have my gratitude. To those who think I should just keep my sexuality in the bedroom, you have my visibility. One day, perhaps you’ll realize that I’m doing you a favor.

Peace, love, and unicorns,


Eric Peterson

(he/him) I’m a funny, serious, outgoing, introspective, #diversity & #inclusion practitioner. Finished my first novel.